Are you some weirdo with a bizarre name? Or are you some sorry clone with a boring name? Find out now!

Enter your first and last name to generate names that are of a similar level of weirdness to your own. This random name generator uses the 1990 US Census Bureau lists of the most common men's and women's names. The lists contain the top 1220 men's names, 4276 women's names, and 88000 surnames.

Be sure to select your gender, because the script determines how strange your name is for people of the same gender as you. This can make a big difference. For instance, "Aaron" is the 77th most common men's name, but the 2701st most common women's name.

Also, be sure to put in your full name, as this too can make a big difference. While "Jeffrey" is the 30th most common name for men, "Jeff" is only the 120th most common.

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